A Lifetime of Hallmark

You’ll Need a Better Poker Face when You’re Dying for a Daughter and Her Day Old Chinese Food

January 20, 2021

Les, Kurt, and Jason have a pep in their step which could be because they're recording this on inauguration... or because Les got extra relaxation time and almost missed the recording session. Or maybe it's because they have TWO Blac Chyna Reports (one from Kurt and one from Les)! Then, they get in the car with Lifetime's Dying for a Daughter, a movie that happily implements many of Lifetime's best tropes: Blatantly repeating important details for the viewing audience! Ridiculously oversized "hidden" cameras! Wine! More wine! Rufies! Epic amounts of snooping! Unhelpful detectives! Gaslighting! The only things it was missing were chloroform and Vivica A. Fox... but at least it had one of Northern California's top rated Gary Busey impersonators and a child actor so committed to her part that she was willing to actually let her limbs be broken for the sake of art!

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