A Lifetime of Hallmark

You Can Flip That Romance but You Can’t Flip Everyone to Becoming a Fan of Tiger King on Netflix

March 31, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason start the show with a brand new opening (yay!) because we've all got a lot of time on our hands right now and have become Zoom video chat masters. Kurt's Blac Chyna news has a new intro, too, but the biggest news is that Chyna has 16.6 million Instagram followers! Kurt also poses a great question: Is someone really serving house arrest if we are ALL under stay at home orders? Discuss as the guys get into this week's Hallmark offering, "Flip that Romance." Les points out that this movie has the same basic framework as the guys' previous Lifetime movie: they're both about home flipping and both have a female heroine named Jules. What this movie lacks in murders, though, it makes up for in weird awards show pairings (think Milton Berle with RuPaul or Bea Arthur with Urkel), leading Jason to shamelessly plug his @MCSkatCat Twitter account. But you still get plenty of murder talk courtesy of a Tiger King on Netflix tangent which you may love or hate. But you won't hate it as much as Les hates realtors, Kurt hates magazine editors, or Jason hates a giant swing made out of a baby crib.

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