A Lifetime of Hallmark

Wendy Williams: The Movie Overwhelms With Montages and Epic Snooping

February 4, 2021

Les, Kurt, and Jason may have taken one step closer to fulfilling Les’ dream to be on the Wendy Williams Show as they recap Lifetime’s Wendy Williams: The Movie. But first, the guys reveal that they’ve all spent a lot of time in the past week researching the net worth of William Kate and Connie Selleca (of The Greatest American Hero). Then, Kurt delivers a Blac Chyna Report that veers wildly between topics and leads the guys down an informative and extensive Cameo Rabbit Hole (you can pay for a Blac Chyna Cameo with a convenient payment plan!) When it’s time to discuss the movie, the guys lament the demise of the spinning newspaper effect in movies (really, the groundbreaking Marvel-level special effect of its time). How did they do it? By attaching a newspaper to the wheel of a car? A Lazy Susan? Witchcraft? Wendy Williams: The Movie is a masterclass in sneaking around, and delivers so many montages (including the weirdly relateable “f-ed up on a substance in a club” montage) that even Les is overwhelmed!

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