A Lifetime of Hallmark

Wedding Every Weekend Has Lesbians! Interracial Couples! No Dead Parents! Bears! Mr. Belvedere!

August 18, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason dissect a pretty monumental movie for Hallmark because it rather prominently features a same-sex couple. So after diving into Blac Chyna's visit to a sex shop at the top of Jason's street, the guys dig into Wedding Every Weekend. No, the prominently featured lesbian couple is not the focus of the movie, but they are still just to the left of front-and center in a movie that Les thinks pulls out all the stops by Hallmark standards (though Jason thinks they've only barely slowed down for the Yield sign). If the lesbians, interracial couples and lack of dead parents aren't enough to entice you, maybe some incredibly long tangents about Jane Fonda and the absurd lack of priorities within the 80's sitcom Mr. Belvedere will help make you realize how flakiness is actually an essential and life skill. Why exactly are they having a wedding in the middle of bear country? Consider that question and Herbie the Love Bug's sexuality as you enjoy your cake from The Abbey... unless being alone is your jam.


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