A Lifetime of Hallmark

The Wrong Wedding Planner Blows an Angel’s Trumpet Into Vivica A. Fox, Jackee Harry, and Pauly Shore’s Mutilated Cake

July 27, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason start the podcast by celebrating some great milestones for A Lifetime of Hallmark Podcast: 10,000 downloads and counting! And there's more reason to celebrate: Hallmark is adding LGBTQ+ stories and actors to their movies (though we're pretty sure the latter was already covered). Then it's time to coordinate your viewing with Lifetime's The Wrong Wedding Planner. Yes, of course there is Vivica A. Fox, but this movie also has Jackee Harry! And the realization that Lifetime villians can do all of the marketing department's tough Photoshop assignments while they are filming! And a locksmith with a nice body and and even nicer house! Plus, decide for yourself if Vivica is a flat-earther, and spread the word by Xeroxing it for your 'zine!


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