A Lifetime of Hallmark

The Wrong Nanny with Special Guest Kate Casey from Reality Life with Kate Casey

March 10, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason are joined by reality TV expert and incredibly smart and hilarious human Kate Casey, host of the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey. Kate can't quite figure out what shows Kurt watches, but she soon learns that he's well-versed in all things Blac Chyna, Zeus TV, and need to pay taxes on one's illegal activities. As they start to dissect Lifetime's "The Wrong Nanny," we soon learn more than we wanted to know about 90 Day Fiance, the need to report a questionable charity to the Better Business Bureau, and that Jenny Craig's Fettuccini Alfredo is "not that bad." Maybe Gary the suspected 46-year-old writer of this movie could have had the stabby woman at the center of this action make that rather than the tomato sauce that Kate doesn't find believable. But at least lifelong sociopathic tendencies are treated like Mondays. Amirite?

Thanks to Kate for joining us. Find her on Twitter @KateCasey and Instagram @KateCaseyCA

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