A Lifetime of Hallmark

The Wrong Mommy and Sisqo Once Did a TV Pilot with Bob Newhart, but not Tracy Nelson

July 15, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason delve into one of pop culture's greatest mysteries: Where can one view the early 2000's TV pilot that Bob Newhart filmed with Sisqo (he of Thong Song fame)? We may never get answers to that, but, we do get some Blac Chyna news, some super weird Hulu recommendations for Kurt, and some more raves about Love, Victor. What we don't get in this week's Lifetime movie The Wrong Mommy is some Tracy Nelson... but we do get peak creep from Eric Roberts, Vivica in true boss lady mode, and Dee Wallace throwing down some master kickboxer moves! The guys will delve into all the hard-hitting questions like "does lip balm make you gay?" as they get an INCREDIBLY detailed explanation of autoerotic axphixiation and squeeze the public library's advertising budget for all the money they've got.  

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