A Lifetime of Hallmark

The Wrong Housesitter Should’ve Hired The Wrong Housekeeper to Keep Away Vivica A. Fox, Tracy Nelson, and the Mole People

February 18, 2020

Things are intense in Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's world, but not as intense as the negotiations Vivica A. Fox must have had with Lifetime to convince them to use her wig line in this week's movie. Les, Kurt, and Jason wade once again into Lifetime's "Wrong" cinematic universe with "The Wrong Housesitter." Many touchstones of the Wrong movies are there: Vivica A. Fox! Tracy Nelson! Repurposed sets from previous movies! Unabashed nonsensical plot! Plus, Les schools Jason and Kurt about Faye Dunaway's reality show, they see (and EVERYONE ELSE SEES) the world's most gigantic hidden camera ever, and they make the realization Chinese food delivery would be convenient if only there were a Chinese restaurant that ever thought to do such a thing.

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