A Lifetime of Hallmark

The Killer Prom Queen is a Moira Rose Impression Taking Advantage of Rent Control

May 11, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason kick off their latest episode by contemplating Zoom sex, the Meth Gala, and the debate over whether Blac Chyna is now 32 or 33 years old. Then, they dive into Lifetime's Killer Prom, a movie about a woman from Philadelphia who sounds like she's either intoxicated or doing a Moira Rose (Schitt's Creek) impression and her quest to pay her insanely cheap (even by rent control standards) $500 a month Hollywood apartment. That quest involves the murder (duh) of someone who can't swim yet went on a boat without a lifejacket AND who seemingly owns a pretty awesome pool, the trend of proposals, and the mixology of drinking Castrol oil, antifreeze, and Fireball. All drinks could lead to a funeral, but you'll save money on it by doing these made-for-TV tricks... even if your life is shortened because you didn't graduate until you were 48 years old and are dark web-curious. 

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