A Lifetime of Hallmark

The Desperate Widows Lures You into a Cult that’s a Different Shade of Bonkers

March 19, 2021

Les, Kurt, and Jason love themselves an over-the-top Lifetime movie, but this one may not have lived up to expectations. The Blac Chyna news also left something to be desired as it was not so much “news” as much as it was “a piece of information that is barely notable.” Then Jason goes on a rant about about DVD waste before the guys join the sex trafficking ring cooked up in Lifetime’s Desperate Widows. The movie was formerly known as Mommune as in “mommy commune” as in a movie that truly tests Les and Kurt’s patience. On the one hand, the movie has a hot dad and hotter handyman, but on the other hand we never meet the dad and the handyman may or may not be a (helpful) mute. This is a movie that’s all about side hustles where sex trafficking is basically the same as opening an Etsy store, albeit one that leads to potential HR violations. 


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