A Lifetime of Hallmark

The Christmas Setup Gives us An Adorable Gay Couple, a Fantastic Fran Dresher, and Discussions of Cargo Shorts and Crippling Medical Debt

December 23, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason discuss the Blac Chyna of Christmas Past and Lori Loughlin getting out of jail soon (which is good because Kurt is concerned she may not have enough lunch money). Then, the guys unwrap the gift that is Lifetime's The Christmas Setup. Unlike the same sex couples in recent Hallmark movies, this one features a same sex couple as the main storyline, and it's so good that the guys think it may be one of the best movies they've every watched for the podcast (and not in the way that, say, Killer Contractor was great). Fran Dresher leads a cast that all give great performances (and Les doesn't think so simply because he partly owes his SAG card to Fran Dresher) in between promos for Lifetime's upcoming biopics about Wendy Williams, TLC, and Salt 'n' Pepa. We'd tell you more, but being bound by an NDA is exhausting, so you should just listen!

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