A Lifetime of Hallmark

Right in Front of Me are Fred Gwynne, a Scientologist, and 5 Maraschino Cherries

April 23, 2021

Les, Kurt, and Jason kick off the show having to delicately explain (or imply) what "ski poles" are, then they get excited for the first new Blac Chyna news in weeks (triggering questions about how Blac Chyna would dress for court and why the Kardashians want a free subscription to her Only Fans page). Then it's time to talk about Hallmark's Right in Front of Me, a new movie starring a (very sexy) Phillipino lead, yet another new milestone for the channel. There's also a potential romantic rival named that leads Kurt to genuine introspection on his walk. Les and Jason share potential Scientology recruitment encounters, we learn that eating garnishes is gauche, and Kurt keeps seeing ads for Atlantis gay cruises. But that's all just an onramp to the episode's most important conversation: how do other celeb's hotness stack up to Fred Gwynne (jump ahead to 1:09:21 for that 6 1/2 minute exercise in absurdity). 

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