A Lifetime of Hallmark

Psycho Party Planner Invites You to Perform at Your Own Murderous Event for Just $2000

January 30, 2020

Les, Kurt and Jason attend a wonderful soirerre thrown by Lifetime known as Psycho Party Planner. But first, Kurt delivers some eerily relevant and timely Blac Chyna news, Jason invents a new reality show involving the Lori Louglin's daughters learning about America's legal system called LOUGHlin School. Once they guys start dissecting this week's tour de force, Jason points out that it all seems familiar because they've clearly filmed in ALL of these locations before. Multiple times. But they clearly don't have a huge budget for this movie... or for the $2000 "epic" sweet 16 bash being thrown in this movie. They can't even afford to have Nu Shooz perform... or to supply condoms and wine from the 99 Cents Only Store. But at least there are hot shirtless guys.

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