A Lifetime of Hallmark

Parker Lewis Wants to Marry The Wrong Stepmother Even Though She Isn’t Vivica A. Fox or Tracy Nelson

May 20, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason seem to side with (shudder) The Kardashians in the latest Blac Chyna news before the guys start swiping right on Lifetime's The Wrong Stepmother, a movie that may have been filmed on the DL during many real estate open houses (despite using many previously-seen Lifetime movie homes). What the movie lacks in screen time for Vivica A. Fox, it more than makes up for in snooping (Kurt thinks, correctly, that Les  should give a Ted Talk on the subject). But that leads the guys to wonder what snooping looks like during our current pandemic... and to Les and Jason having to explain the magic that is Domino's Pizza Tracker and Kurt's desire for it to cover the ENTIRE life of the pizza (including after consumption). As they feast on the movie's exposition, provided "wonderfully" by the Exposition Twink, they discuss the roles they've lost to more famous people, film shoot PROPS vs. CATERING (and the grey area in between), and the complicated long term planning that clearly went into visiting a coffee truck. 

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