A Lifetime of Hallmark

One Perfect Wedding Proves That Hallmark is Ready to Show Some Clavicle Now

April 13, 2021

Les, Kurt, and Jason are ready for the latest and final(?) chapter in Hallmark’s “One” trilogy of One Winter Weekend and One Winter Proposal with One Perfect Wedding. Despite having recapped the first 2 movies for this very podcast, Kurt still has no recollection of who these people are. Before we get an answer to “why is the lead of this movie bald now (a popular query on Google), we get an answer to “How has Blac Chyna navigated the pandemic?” Then Les and Jason concur that Kurt, as a background actor in The Trial of the Chicago 7, should technically get to share in that movie’s win at the SAG Awards. Kurt may be a SAG Award Winner, but he is (admittedly) no Dr. Joyce Brothers. Jason ponders if the new Hallmark will eventually mean creatively bleeped F-bombs, and Les offers some sage advice (via Jackee, obviously). Plus, Jason and Les offer some controversial opinions about Brokeback Mountain and Call Me By Your Name even as they wonder if there is squirrel feces in your pinecones. 

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