A Lifetime of Hallmark

My Wife’s Secret Life Gives America a Reason for Grindr’s Faceless Torso Photos

November 12, 2019

Les, Kurt, and Jason recap their Halloweens and talk (as always) about Blac Chyna before dissecting the Lifetime movie "My Wife's Secret Life." Things you need to know about the movie: it's not nearly as off-the-charts crazy as we hoped, the husband in the film is a whiny bitch, and the guys aren't sure if the plot is based on a true story or not. The movie does open up some pretty solid debates: Dieting vs. Cheating, Laurel vs. Yanni, and Aerosmith vs. Aerospace. Plus, how many theme parks are too many? That's just one of many topics that could be covered on a good lady chat show.

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