A Lifetime of Hallmark

My Nightmare Landlord, My BFF Young Peter Frampton, and my Ex BF Young Crispin Glover

April 24, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason have OPINIONS about (famed?) puzzle maker Bonnie Morris. And Vajazzling. And Zoom meetings with goats. They also have opinions about Lifetime's My Nightmare Landord, a movie that lays out plenty of nonsensical information, even by A Lifetime of Hallmark standards.  Kurt and Jason also get some deeper insight into Les' Moral Code of Snooping™️ and they realize that this movie's stalker is being a bit extra... especially when it's revealed that he wants to see a play based on The Sun Also Rises. But, with the worst police officer ever on the case, you can be sure that someone is gonna stick a toothbrush up their butt while they steal your furniture. 

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