A Lifetime of Hallmark

Mix Up in the Mediterranean Offers Twins Hijinks, Actual Crime, Deception, and Nearly-Implied Infidelity

March 9, 2021

Les, Kurt, and Jason start the podcast by almost immediately going down a Tyler Perry rabbit hole (but who hasn't done that?) and a riveting Blac Chyna Report involving matching outfits. Then, the guys head to Malta for Hallmark's Mix Up in the Mediterranean, a movie that seems to make a run at things Lifetime usually treads in like crime, deception, and the age old question of "should we go through people's medicine cabinets?". Kurt thinks the movie is DUMB, and Les and Jason agree despite really liking it and all of its ridiculous kitchen espionage. We may not get the "one twin training the other twin" montage that Les had hoped for, but we DO get Les spilling the tea on his cousin-in-law. And we get a Hallmark movie that very casually lets multiple characters commit a felony (making the guys realize that one of the characters in the movie is either homeless with hitman connections or he's been microchipped and can never leave. Dig into a nice baked Alaska, and if you don't like it in 2 months then you know it wasn't very good anyway.

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