A Lifetime of Hallmark

Luke MacFarlane Tries to Score at Taking a Shot at Love but Puck Juggles into Being a Commentary on Slumlords with S’mores

October 13, 2022

Les, Kurt, and Jason are here to wade into the Bros discourse by taking a look one one of Luke MacFarlane’s latest Hallmark movies, Taking a Shot at Love. But first the guys all share their Judy Tenuta stories: Judy was booed off stage at Kurt’s college, so Kurt walked out too! Jude raided the prize file cabinet of a famous radio personality! Judy gave Les some great career advice! Then we learn that Blac Chyna is starting to bare more for her OnlyFans page, and the guys start to strategize having Tokyo Toni on the podcast in hopes of eventually landing Chyna as a guest, too! Then it’s time to hit the ice for Taking a Shot at Love. The guys picked the movie since it starts Hallmark staple and current Bros co-star Luke MacFarlane, but the lack of a busy heroine, some unnecessary ethnic ambiguity, and a whole lotta cock blocking (or is it that a cock crowed), keep this from being the barnburner one might hope. If you plan to watch this, check your house to see if there are any non-hot people (and call the police if necessary), but do not eat a S’more, and do not accidentally go cruising. 


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