A Lifetime of Hallmark

Love in Store Has a Limited Supply of Jackee to Help You Out of An Egyptian Escape Room

March 4, 2020

Just like the first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club, on this episode Les, Kurt, and Jason learn that the first rule of Hallmark Channel is you do not talk about Lori Loughlin... but they do anyway, and consider a world where Lori revives her career on Zeus TV, and where Kurt has an acceptable answer to the age-old question "What makes you fringe-y?". They also talk about this week's movie, Hallmark's "Love in Store," set against the backdrop of a QVC/HSN-esque shopping channel that's definitely better at selling stuff than the rinky-dink operation that was the Panda Channel. Unique setting aside, this movie featured new Hallmark benchmarks like "the brother so close to his sis that he's a essentially a surrogate dad to her kid," 'actually saying the word 'divorce' out loud," and "child so creepy that he may as well be starring in "Brahms: The Boy II." This movie is the perfect remedy for you if, like Jason, you were dumped on MySpace. So sit awkwardly at one end of your super-long couch in the middle of your escape room, because the only way you're getting out is with the help of Les' lady detective skills... and from Mama Cass. 

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