A Lifetime of Hallmark

Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve To Celebrate Some (Not) Billionaires and Hear Uncle Bernie Drone On About His Dead Wife

December 9, 2020

On this episode, Les, Kurt, and Jason welcome the hilarious Jacquetta Szathmari, one of the hosts of the podcasts Hey You Know It (www.heyyouknowit.com @heyyouknowit), and there is SO much to talk about! The guys are excited about the Sexy Colonel Sanders in the upcoming Lifetime branded content starring Mario Lopez (which leads to the realization that there is probably a Colonel Sanders porn fetish). Rita Ora overshadows the Blac Chyna news with an unbelievable amount of shade towards her ex Rob Kardashian. Jackee is returning to soaps (though she's likely no longer Jackee at a 2). And, critically, Jaquetta asks: are the Masked Singers (and Dancers) furries?!?!

Then, it's time to dissect Lifetime's Let's Meet Again on Christmas Eve, a movie a couple that should never have broken up in the first place reconnecting as they are forced to plan a last minute Christmas wedding for the most budget billionaires ever who are easily wowed by pinecones and ill-fitting dresses but inexplicably like to (poorly) decorate things that are already decorated. What the movie lacked in logic it made up for in a clean set from the Covid crew (Kurt is a fan of their work) and lessons in money management. Is Jewish Bernie actually Santa? What movie was Jason's backdrop for a makeout session with an old girlfriend? Should everyone watch A Very Brady Christmas? Vivica, come defend your wig and find out!

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