A Lifetime of Hallmark

Let’s Get Physical with Jenna Dewan + Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelas’ Son in a Tale of Double Standards and George Goebel

October 27, 2022

Les, Kurt, and Jason are all warmed up and ready for Lifetime’s Let’s Get Physical. But before they hop on the pole, the guys need to talk about veteran character actor George Goebel and whether or not Blac Chyna sex trafficked TikToker Ava Louise. And we learn about Jason’s experience on the @PodMeetsWorld podcast where he talked about his time as a background actor on Boy Meets World (and his many many recent run-ins with @BenSavage. Then they’re ready for the movie which is produced by Jenna Dewan (one of the stars) along with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelas. Kelly and Mark’s son is in the movie, too, along with his muffins and a… “cookie.” If you’re looking for a movie with loud sex that you hear but never see, you’ve found it! So let’s discuss a reverse mortgage while doing reverse cowgirl and have a dance party in prison!


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