A Lifetime of Hallmark

Fatal Fandom has Twinks, Tacos, Crickets, and Death by Bandana

April 16, 2022

Les, Kurt, and Jason get the to bottom of a very important question: Does Les think Nash Bridges is hot? (Spoiler: yes). But that doesn’t make Redd Foxx a Silver Fox. Then it’s time to celebrate Kurt’s birthday with a new manicure (Blac Chyna got one,) and (eventually) some cake. After jumping into a Ryan Seacrest / McLean Stevenson / David Caruso / Shelly Long rabbit hole, the guys finally get to Fatal Fandom, the Lifetime Movie Network movie that may have changed Kurt’s life. This movie has grapefruits with salt and the loudest tacos and crickets ever heard on film. There’s also shirtless working out (which could have just have easily been shirtless computer work) and special instructions to give your Grubhub driver if you’re stalking someone. Go to Encino to get your blazer, because we have a nice hot fudge sundae for you!


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