A Lifetime of Hallmark

Fashionably Yours Gives You Lauren’s Cookies and Some Marie Kondo Realness

April 13, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason check in on the PUBIC health crisis before learning that Robert Redford may have once talked smack about Kurt. Perhaps Robert and Kurt could smooth things over with a FaceTime call, as soon as the guys finish the one they plan to do with Blac Chyna (using her layaway plan, obviously). By that time they will be ready to dig into this week's movie, Hallmark's Fashionably Yours which provides a VERY different view of the fashion industry than last week's Lifetime offering. That doesn't stop the guys from making innuendo about Lauren's cookies (SO many cookie innuendo crumbs are sprinkled throughout the episode). Plus, Les teaches us about what a soap opera "talk to" is, Jason thinks the diner owner stands uncomfortably close (even too close for pre COVID-19 times), and Kurt took time to make note of a character for which he had no time. Chow down on your cream cheese hot dog and see if YOU think this is our dirtiest episode yet. 

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