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Designed to Kill aka Fatal Fashion aka Deadly Runway aka 80’s Teen Movie Archetypes with David Rosen of Piecing it Together

April 8, 2020
Les, Kurt, and Jason are joined by a very game David Rosen from the podcast Piecing it Together. But, before they dig into the most confusing Blac Chyna story ever, they take a minute to discuss Netflix's The Platform, a movie that is more about classicism than it is about dietary restrictions. Then the guys take a stab (pun intended) at Lifetime's Designed to Kill... once known as Netflix's Fatal Fashion... also known as Deadly Runway... this movie has more names than Sean Combs! It may not have originally been produced for Lifetime, but it sure hits all of Lifetime's sweet spots: a dangerous cold open featuring an unhinged antihero, completely nonsensical plot twists, people that don't know how to do a Google search before it's too late, lots of skin, and so many makeover montages (making Les INCREDIBLY happy). Sure, the high school archetypes are straight out of an 80's teen movie, but even Biff from Back to the Future doesn't know what a Blowtard is. Is the 54 St. Posse mad that they're being disparaged by a deranged photographer / high school teacher? Is $1000 a paltry sum for an Elle magazine photo shoot? Is the guy playing the principal actually a porn star moonlighting as a legit actor? Have Alexa play your murder playlist as you chow down on that extra candy bar in your purse while you watch this gem to find out!
You can listen to David's podcast Piecing it Together here: https://www.piecingpod.com/
And find him on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/piecingpod

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