A Lifetime of Hallmark

Christmas Edition Revitalizes Print Journalism with Gingerbread and a Humpty Dance

November 23, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason may have Zoom fatigue, but they don't have Blac Chyna fatigue as Kurt launches into news of an epic feud between her and Wendy Williams. Sure, it would be tough if Chyna weren't making $20,000,000 per month on Only Fans (or is is $20,000), but it would be even more tough for Jason Momoa if he had to suddenly start driving for Uber. Marie Osmond may not drive for Uber, but she may very well be moonlighting as a limo driver in Lifetime's The Christmas Edition, a movie about the exciting and super relevant world of print journalism! Even if Santa Barista doesn't prove as integral to the plot as he could (should) have, he does send Carly Hughes to Alaska to make lovey eyes at a dopey poor man's Liam Hemsworth (or is it Val Kilmer and David Harour's baby?) and to meet a dude who may or may not be the Humpty Hump guy (or is it former RNC chairman and current MSNBC contributor Michael Steele?). Whether you're into gingerbread, more gingerbread, or even more gingerbread, you'll agree that this movie was not lacking in montages! 

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