A Lifetime of Hallmark

Christmas Comes Twice So Avengers Endgame Rules of Time Travel Can Make Us Cry

December 18, 2020

Les’ internet gave Kurt and Jason a chance to discuss, at length, the Dukes of Hazard Spinoff Enus, which leads to a conversation about Sheriff Lobo, which leads to a conversation about Nell Carter (obviously). Then we learn about the newest player in the Blac Chyna Cinematic Universe, Lil Twin (and the spelling of his friend’s name leads us down a very particular rabbit hole because Jason made the mistake of Googling. But it turns out that the Lil Twin news is the perfect segue into Hallmark’s Christmas Comes Twice since it stars Tamera Mowry-Housley, one of the twins from Sister Sister. Despite the name, the movie is not about twins but does involve time travel (a subject Les is convinced he’s an expert in because he’s seen Avengers: Endgame). And even though all three guys thought the movie was actually really good (and they all cried!), they still found plenty to dissect. Why does that ride feature strawberries? Why is Miss Nelson so lazy? Who needs 500 forks? Should Enus be rebooted in 2020? Listen to get your answers! 


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