A Lifetime of Hallmark

Christmas at Dollywood is a Chance to Debate the Merits of Peppermint vs. Wint-O-Green

January 10, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason realize what you probably realized long ago: that Hallmark's biggest audience demographic is podcasters! And as such, they bring you Blac Chyna news, a recap of Les' experience inside a world not unlike one you'd find in a Hallmark movie, and a discussion of the Zoloft "controversy." Then the guys get to the movie they've been talking about for months, Christmas at Dollywood starring Danica McKellar and Dolly Parton as herself. What's not to like, right? Until you learn that somebody hurt Kurt and as a result he didn't want to give Danica her due... Les and Jason aren't havin it, and Kurt eventually sees the light (the very bright light bathing a child's room in the middle of the night). 

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