A Lifetime of Hallmark

Check Inn to Christmas to Take the Polar Express Train to a Penis Shaped Inn with Al from Home Improvement

July 20, 2020

Les, Kurt, and Jason welcome Lori Meeker, the Creator and Producer of Welcome to Meadowlark Falls: A Very Cookie Christmas, a super-fun immersive show that is like living and experiencing a Hallmark-style holiday film in real life! After the guys give Lori a primer on Blac Chyna, they all dive into Hallmark's Check Inn to Christmas, and Lori is right at home schooling the guys on pine swags. Les remembers this movie's male lead from a Prince movie (not of the Under the Cherry Moon variety, sorry Kurt!), and the guys (but not Lori) is upset that all the parents are alive and well in this movie. What this movie lacks in June Squibb, it makes up for in penis-shaped construction, 90's TV stars who are maybe letting it snow, and an allegedly gay guy making buttons. 


To find out more about Lori's show, visit https://www.meadowlarkfalls.com

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