A Lifetime of Hallmark

Chasing Waterfalls Shows Us a Whole New Hallmark Channel Complete with Old Prospectors Panning for Gold

March 26, 2021

Les, Kurt, and Jason really do see the positive changes Hallmark has taken to contemporize and diversify their movies while still staying true to the Hallmark Brand. Speaking of on brand, Kurt delivers some Blac Chyna news that is (once again) solely about her outfit... and propels the guys into pondering what Blac Chyna's courtroom looks would invoke. Jason is happy that the Bink Williams character kinda sorta inspired by him made it into Hallmark's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". Then, the guys are ready to go for a swim in "Chasing Waterfalls," a Hallmark movie that has great messages for young women and girls, shirtlessness for Les and Jason, and Cindy Busby for Kurt. It's also got a diverse cast with multiple people of color and members of the LGBTQ community, actual use of the word "divorce," allusions to pre-marital sex, and tips on how to avoid getting eaten by a bear! But even though the guys seemed to like it, they are all still wondering about the windfall of gold that awaits them!

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