A Lifetime of Hallmark

BONUS EPISODE: Psycho Sister In Law Serves Up So Much Breakfast and Brushes its Way into Las Vegas’ Thriving Theater Scene

November 15, 2020

It's time for a bonus episode. This episode was originally set to be released before the podcast switched into holiday movie mode, but was delayed due to technical difficulties (and even more technical difficulties after the fact). 

Les, Kurt, and Jason welcome back the wonderful David Rosen from the Piecing it Together Podcast (www.piecingpod.com / @piecingpod). This week’s movie is a doozy from Lifetime called Psycho Sister-In-Law, and it features a lot of breakfast, and even more hair brushing for all the June Squibb fans that saw Space Jam in the theater like young Kurt. What the movie lacks in logic, it more than makes up for with countless characters, and a never-ending list of ways to say the name Kelly/Callie. Of critical importance, though, is that there are numerous shots of cannolis and cupcakes and a pregnant woman doing some John Wick s**t. 


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