A Lifetime of Hallmark

BONUS EPISODE: Christina DeRosa from Drowning in Secrets Is NOT Alyssa Milano but IS Helping Female Directors, Writers, and Producers

April 5, 2022

On this special Bonus Episode the guys welcome Actress / Producer / Good Human Christina DeRosa from Lifetime Movie Network’s Drowning in Secrets. Christina is at the top of the call sheet now, and she’s schooling Les, Kurt, and Jason on Situational Awareness (she talks to the extras!). Plus, Christina is gonna make Jason’s gay teen heartthrob dreams come true while also confirming that she is NOT Jennifer Beals (nor is she Alyssa Milano). Christina also checks some Susan Lucci fandom boxes for Les, and lets Kurt know that Little Orphan Annie was NOT in the Wizard of Oz with Natalie Portman (but Christina was!) Please check out a charity near and dear to Christina’s heart, fastfoward.org and check out Christina on Instagram and TikTok @actresschristinaderosa. 

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