A Lifetime of Hallmark

Beware of the Midwife Holding Chloroform and aTruly Gigantic Baby

April 18, 2021

Les, Kurt, and Jason are stunned but he lack of Blac Chyna news this week, so Les instead offers up a report on Jackee's shenanigans on Days of Our Lives (spoiler: there's A LOT going on including a drunken consolation marriage!) Then, the guys are ready to hold the super gigantic baby at the center of Lifetime's Beware of the Midwife. This movie revels in some (but not all) of Lifetime's best tropes: sneakiness, black hoodies, and baby stealing. But the guys can never figure out where the movie is set (is it New York? Chicago? St. Paul? Pittsburgh?) or why the hospital has such a problem with very basic security procedures. Plus, bigger questions loom including: Would this gigantic baby win in a fight against Bam Bam from the Flintstones? Is that chloroform or poppers? Is the actor playing the lawyer trying to win an Emmy for his 5 and under? Discuss amongst yourselves, just make sure you turn on the water and whisper. 

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