A Lifetime of Hallmark

Beverly Hills Wedding is a Hallmark Valentine to Vancouver

February 12, 2021

Les, Kurt, and Jason bring you a jam-packed show heading into Valentine's Day / President's Day weekend! Kurt brings the evolution of media full circle by doing a rerun of his Blac Chyna Report. Les, unsurprisingly, reveals that he's an official Wendy Watcher (aka the Wendy Williams fan army). Jason learned that he's being cut from a Hallmark movie (sort of). But that brings the news that their friend Nina Weinman, writer of many great Hallmark movies, will be on in a few weeks to talk about her latest, Breakup Boot Camp (coming March 27 to Hallmark!) Then, the guys get into Hallmark's Beverly Hills Wedding, a movie with Sandy Duncan situation (or is it Aunt Bea?) that leads the guys to debate who in the film is the most problematic person (and they have OPINIONS). There may more gays on the Hallmark Channel than an Atlantic cruise these days, but that doesn't mean a wedding can't have toxically masculine invitations, right? If you don't like 'em, you can chow down on a bowl of blueberry jam for dessert as you stank-face it up!

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