A Lifetime of Hallmark

Always the Brutal Bridesmaids, Never the Stripper Who Might Be One of the Producers

March 30, 2021

Les, Kurt, and Jason are recapping a movie written by another person that once lived in Jason’s apartment building Lifetime’s Brutal Bridesmaids. But they can’t get into movie without first getting an in-depth (possibly via Wikipedia) look at the rise of Blac Chyna and and even more in-depth look at all the publications that we’ve never heard of but have featured Blac Chyna. Then, the guys are ready to head down the aisle into the movie, written by Jason’s friend Patrick Powell, and featuring some AWESOME outfits (except for the wedding dress, what the hell?!?!). This is possibly the cattiest movie the guys have ever watched, including the shadiest (and longest) makeover montage that puts it into the montage hall of fame. Sloan may be a constant bummer, and there may hot have been a curse at the center of it all as Les suspected, but at least there’s a pyramid scheme! And a male stripper that Les and Jason have strong opinions about! And a Johnny Lawrence/Daniel-son / Tom & Jerry ending for Kurt! If you don’t like it, you should just sneak out like a lady!


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