A Lifetime of Hallmark

A Little Daytime Drama Can Happen When You’re Not Actually Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

April 2, 2022

Les, Kurt, and Jason are back and ready to talk about some Blac Chyna drama, some Will Smith / Chris Rock / Jada Pinkett-Smith Oscars drama, and the Hallmark movie A Little Daytime Drama. Before you watch the movie, you should seriously go look up clips of the early 90’s talk show Attitudes to really soak in some peak Linda Dano and Nancy Glass (or look up clips from SNL of Nora Dunn and Jan Hooks). Then, you’ll be primed for this soap opera-set movie that has a questionable understanding of Los Angeles and Hollywood geography, how many pages of script a soap can film in a day, and how a dog’s reaction means that the characters have been… intimate. If this movie isn’t for you, you can always look at the content on PosthumusPorn.com. 


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