A Lifetime of Hallmark

A CPR Doll and a Truly Amazingly Insane Movie are Just What the Doctor Ordered

April 29, 2021

Les, Jason, and Kurt are all super-excited to discuss this week’s Lifetime movie that they barely have any time to even discuss Blac Chyna(!) If you've ever wondered why the guys like Lifetime movies so much, start right here with this one, Just What the Doctor Ordered! It's the FIFTH movie in a franchise that we didn’t know we needed… but boy are we happy when we found it. Jason proclaims that this is the most insane movie we have ever watched for this podcast, and he’s not wrong. It’s got Eric Roberts! Giant Cameras! A CPR dummy that serves as this movie’s “Wilson!” When you’ve got a detective that is all in for the Lars and the Real Girl situation happening and a psychiatrist with clearly undiagnosed OCD, you know you’re in wild time. Even wilder than a night sharing SAG screeners with Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts while Jimmy Buffet makes margaritas! 

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