A Lifetime of Hallmark

A Perfect Christmas is Made from Gingerbread House Classicism and Fat Baby Shaming

November 26, 2019

Les, Kurt, and Jason ask the age old question: Is it really a Hanukkah movie if it's actually about Christmas? You'll likely find out on a future episode, but this week's show is all about Hallmark Channel's "A Perfect Christmas," a holiday movie that makes us pit Mansplaining against Straightsplaining even as the guys engage in a spirited game of A Lifetime of Hallmark Bingo (June Squibb for the win, obviously!). Also debatable: whether one can return a Christmas tree to the Christmas tree farm, especially in a world where one's cable television bill is valued more than other household necessities and fat babies are shamed even as they eat the graham crackers that are supposed to be used to build a more affordable gingerbread house. 

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